Accident Insurance

Compulsory insurance in Germany does not provide insurance coverage in private surroundings; it only provides coverage at your place of work, the university, school or kindergarden, as well as the direct way to- and from these places – but even then it is insufficient amount of coverage.

Detours are generally not covered, i.e. if you want to make a quick stop and withdraw money from the bank or shop, you are not insured during this period of time.

The results of an accident can be an enormous burden, both health-wise as well as financially. In particular when you are no longer able to continue your profession and your income therefore ceases. You are suddenly confronted with expensive medicines, must eventually reconstruct your living quarters to be handicap-accessible, among other additional costs.

Especially the little ones need protection. Children are constantly confronted with dangers: playing with friends, climbing, wrestling, riding their bikes and roller/inline-skating: the more active the child is, the greater the risk of an accident. Children in particular, however, spend most of their time without compulsory insurance coverage.

Individuals who are self-employed as well as housewives are completely without compulsory insurance coverage. And they often have the greatest risk of accident.

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