Occupational Retirement Provisions: Classic Direct Insurance

The direct insurance is the classic form of deferred compensation. It has become very popular and has been proved as a simple and administrative acceptable form of company pension scheme.

As employee you can make provisions for retirement by taking out the direct insurance and you can save taxes at the same time. This form of pension provision is possible at up to 4 % of the contributions ceiling in the statutory pension scheme (in 2019: € 3.216,-- p. a.) and is up to this amount free of tax and social security deductions.

Your pension benefit or one-off capital payment is only subject to tax contribution at the time when it is paid out. When entering retirement the income is usually lower than in the working life. Therefore, the tax rate will also be lower accordingly.

Through the conversion of parts of the gross pay into the company’s pension scheme it is in most cases a good decision to take out a direct insurance for your financing concept of the old age benefits.

Our benefits are your advantages

  • Lifelong pension payment or a one-off capital payment
  • Option to transfer this form of company pension provision to a new employer

  • Tax-free insurance payments
  • In case of death during the active working and paying-in phase or during the time of pension payment phase it can be agreed upon a lifelong pension payment for your life partner.

  • Secure for Hartz-IV (no need to worry when receiving social security under Hartz-IV)


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