Insurance Overview

When the electronic equipment takes a break... can mean a huge loss for your company.
Occupational Disablement
The risk of becoming occupationally disabled is underestimated by most people. Currently every fourth employed person is not able to work up until retirement due to health problems.
Loss of Earnings
When the business stands still... Temporary business interruption occurs more often than you think. Even insignificiant damage to property can cause high subsequent costs.
Collective Accident
What do you offer your employees? Accident insurance is an essential social benefit in which ideal and material values pay off in the event of a claim.
Third Party Liability
Whoever causes a loss to someone... ... must pay for it. That is true not only in the private sector, but also in the business world.
Motor Vehicle
Advantages of a vehicle fleet analysis
Motor Liability Insurance is statutory. Moreover, the motor vehicle owner or the fleet manager must check which complementary insurances (e.g.
Based on the field of business, the scope of duties, size and assignment, as well as risks which employees are exposed to during their working time vary greatly.
Legal Costs
Show legal strength... As an independent entrepreneur, you are exposed to legal risks daily. Take the financial risk of litigation seriously from the start and insure yourself appropriately.
Protection against fire, storm, burglary, etc. ... Despite extensive loss prevention methods, the annual loss amount for the line of Commercial and Industrial Fire Insurance in Germany exceeds 500 m.
Technical Insurance
When sand gets in the engine... With the introduction of expensive and increasingly more complex technical equipment and plants into your business, you optimize your operations daily.
Carrier`s Liability
Whoever transports is liable... Forwarding companies are responsible for damage to goods in transit, exceeded terms of delivery or forwarding deficiencies.
Protection against misappropriation... ... Fidelity Insurance: an important measure for the preservation of your liquidity.
Credit Insurance / Trade Indemnity
Protection against loss of receivables Nearly all companies have at some point experienced loss of receivables.

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